umm.. support prof = sp slave right? III.3.2 Against Palladin i think yes. | Tips | Tricks | Builds | Strategies | Quest. -bolter professors need dex for casting and int for matk so these two are the most important stats. left hand: orlean’s server (hodremlin or alice card) For Skills, please refer to this post. But I doubt that all of you will complain if you see your Sage whack and smack with HIGH ATK and MATK in same time, with high Critical Rate, Perfect Dodge and Flee rate. grand cross type also has high mdef because of their int. In this guide, our goal is to make the Gunslinger a more fun class to play, no matter what kind of build you suggest. A good Professor knows that his strength isn’t a high damage or fast kill. wow, alright ! nowadays ppl sell 1m = 1 php that’s why ck became more accessible. lower head: ??? Footgear: Variant Shoes Ragnarok Build Lord Knight [Fermé] Signaler. im playing iplay ro but i have a problem with my sage its a battle sage that agi is 99 and int is 99 also my autospell is lvl 10 and my fire bolt as well my question is when i cast autospell and i choose firebolt, when i attacked normally the monster the autospell is working but it shows only 2bolts of fire bolts but my firebolt is lvl 10 is there any problem with that>. The best use of Professor is support. with high vit, you can survive and dang! what is fiber lock? This class is pretty much the class that can mimic the playstyle of most classes. if you do it later, it will give you little level jump. I play low rate resetless servers, so I get some Int, Double Bolt and Foresight for leveling. they don’t need dex so they’re slow casters. Since this is a bolter build, Land pro and wall of fog is optional BUT having them is a MUST for professors. armor: mage coat or valkyrie armor Reply. if you do this quest during lvl 70, you’ll automatically jump to lvl 93 (in arcanaRO, rates:70/70). RoK on!! full support profs don’t need that much int. Fine with this? Because of the high INT and DEX, this Biochemist can brew potions very effectively. NO VIP, NO Dual, NO Pay to Win, with 1x/1x/1x rates but increases up to 20x as level increases. left hand: stone buckler (tharafrog or hodremlin card) THE DOWNSIDE OF THIS BUILD. STR: 110-130 AGI: 1 VIT: 90-110 INT: 1 DEX: 1 LUK: 1-9 The STR/VIT build is an all-purpose SG build that benefits from increased survivability and healing item efficiency while still maintaining high damage output through Union and S L S Heat. I just make sure my int (with blessing and bonus) reaches 105, so I can do decent damage with my Firebolt. upper head: magni’s cap RagniteRo Administrator Staff Member. - these type deals high damage using double casted bolts and weakens enemies with his disabling capabilities. with these guys because they might kill you with one hit. For those of you looking into making a Gunslinger, you came to the right place. This guide is applicable for PVP and WOE build, itll also guide those who are just starting to play as Professors or those who need some clarifications about Professors. is true that teachers can catch some bugs for them as pets … I want to do that apprehensive pray you tell me please watch thanks. -other. NO VIP, NO Dual, NO Pay to Win, with 1x/1x/1x rates but increases up to 20x as level increases. fighting a professor is hard. Is it difficult to set up your own blog? bring your own hp pots :) See Sage Builds for leveling strategies for just the Scholar leveling stages. Reply. This is a Skill Simulator and Planner for Professor. Pure Def Land Protector (Tank) Equipments: this class depend on their sp to deal damage. do you know the quest “Curse of Gaebolg”? make sure you bring ygg leaf ;) you’re appearance in the front line is not necessary. - Str the rest. Stalker Builds. profs are only for PROs and you don’t have to be one :D, also, dispel wont disable you. how handle it? This are just examples of build, you can take some hints from below and create your own unique build using custom gears available in your server. instead of swords, the vit knight can shell out decent burst damage to single-target foes while taking tons of damage without batting an eyelash. - 100 vit is fine Deals high damage (with imp or seroma card) and double casting skill. build? Excellent in support as it can provide SP and got skills like Dispell ,Land Protector,Wall of Fog,Spider Web etc. This is kind of off topic but I need some advice from an established Maximize your Increase SP Recovery to LEVEL 10. and i played on a low rate server. and where can you get it? hmmm, read pls. I’m not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty quick. That`s why bolters are created in this world. Weapon: +9 Lich’s Bone Wand[2] + Necromancer Card (x2) AGI – This boosts the Attack speed and Flee rate. can u help me for a……255/120 prof stats build…….. can u help me with the skill build? ; Hill Wind Card – 5% more damage with Thunder Storm, Jupitel Thunder and Lord of Vermilion. Everyone who says bolter profs suck at woe, in general yes but if you are on a low rate server with few people, they are an absolute NECESSITY! we play with TALENT and we don’t rely much on itamz. its your choice on what element to specialize, and that’s why we have elemental change. APATZ, ZIRKAH, STFU :<, i don’t want to hear stuffs from people playing HIGH RATE SERVERS. 1. Champs before, and use a practice server for it. if you kill it the owner will be pretty much useless. Biochemists (Alt: Creator) are a much stronger class than the Alchemists, provided there are sufficient funds and SP for the new skill Acid Bomb (often abbreviated t… -for example, you have hide skill in this position. mid head: sunnies (marduk) right hand: ancient sorcery or book of the dead (drops, andre larva or abysmal knight cards) These skill increases ATK, MATK, HP. Hammafall!… In PVP it’s… LET’S DUEL… FADE!… 11111111111111111” My favorite build. Hi could you help me with stats for 255/120 prof stats and build too? This type of build is good for PvP as well as in WoE. with this stat, i have 10081 hp and 2161 sp (also because of the equipments). A dev, designer, and an avid Ragnarok Player. -i highly suggest that you read this tutorial about battlemode before trying to play professor. kill the sp then try killing it. i just turned to a ws haha 71-99 bs on hillwind FTW! If you have any point left, put it in Str so you can carry more gems and Potions (believe me, they are really heavy to carry on WoE). Reply Delete. They always have to dual a bard + dancer and require professor to kill MVP's inside a dungeon. -mail me @ [email protected] for suggestions and corrections. If you say that bolter profs are OWN i can tell you, a priest with link is better killer on a new server, and way easier to make with 5k holy lights(without making a “holy light build”), The last thing ill say, FS Scholar = MvP and WoE, Bolter Scholar = PvE and PvP, Hindsight Scholar = Hells alot of FUN. the filir may be annoying to cancel your cast so safety wall and pest card works here. Using this build you keep spaming level 10 bolts on the opponent. Mage: Professor: Here is what my BM would look like when I’m completely finished with skills/gears: Now for some details on the more important skills: Safety Wall. If for the build. instead of dex, put aspd or damage reduction equips. They just too damn weak! i recommend you recast spider web :P agi snipers will use their aspd to cancel your cast so wall of fog is very effective against them. This build can launch Acid Bombs with almost no cast time, preventing it from being interrupted or canceled. For more details you can follow my other blog oh yeah i forgot that ulle’s cap. PvP/WoE Whitesmith Guide. If you really want to PvP with this build then you can use the following weapons: Infiltrator [1] + Skel Worker card; Katar of Piercing Wind [3] / Katar of Quaking [3] + 2x Hydra card + Skel Worker card While taking damage from opponent in PvP switch to one of the following weapons: Assassin Dagger; Combat Knife; Knife[4] + 4x Fabre cards Shield. i managed to get it but only on lvl2. these guys are hard to deal with because of their hiding and cloaking skills. Wow every post here is terrible completely ignore this. Drops Card – Dex +1; Necromancer Card – +1 int, 2 MDEF pierce. (Almost impossible w/o quest dammit) u don’t bolt in woe, profs aren’t killers during woe, u let the others do the work. So, just Dispell/Soul Burn/Fiberlock/Stone Curse. Ragnarok Build Lord Knight [Fermé] Signaler. Hard to level alone. Cool guide, Ima follow my build for my prof with this, all hail pRO players!! I’m learning to use /battlemode now. You don’t need higher levels of Heaven’s Drive, cause you’ll use it just to find hiding Stalkers or Sin X, so level 1 is enough. If you want to build this type of character, invest zeny first. wall of fog may be of use against Less INT! FS prof in WOE is not an sp slave. You need super high dex for fast cast of Magnetic Earth in WoE. footgear: tidals ( verit, matyr or sohee cards) Ragnarok Online Gunslinger Beginner’s Build Guide by rinlen02. i recommend you put “Magic Rod” in that position. LOL ”. Ragnarok Online » Job Discussion » Merchant (Moderator: ... Well, this is the build I use as a whitesmith on a mid rate, rate it please, and if you have anything to say, CONSTRUCTIVE, about my build, be free to post it. maybe because of the aspd and matk bonuses? Thank you! I started playing pRO since the beta days, remember zocoroh? Delete. dispel him first to remove reflect, kill the sp if you can then upper head: Apple of Archer while the tanks are keeping your enemies busy, cast land pro in the emp room entrance. It attacks so fast that even if I only have 60 total agi, it looks like I have 80 already. They have new, creative uses for their mystical skills to support allies and frustrate enemies. 7 is kind of…enough, i guess. NO VIP, NO Dual, NO Pay to Win, with 1x/1x/1x rates but increases up to 20x as level increases. accessory 1: orlean’s glove ( imp or zerom cards) accessory 1: ??? Asura Strike: Changing the After-Cast Image, Guillotine Cross Crit/CRS/CI Hybrid by Sehun, Short Guide on 1/PvP Sinx/Assassin Cross Introductory Guide. its your creativity make your magic bolt spam…. Working includes meta, great and good. Ragnarok Online Revo Classic Guides. ... can this build go pvp and woe too? Mage: Professor: Here is what my BM would look like when I’m completely finished with skills/gears: Now for some details on the more important skills: Safety Wall. a woe and pvp player. As a Mage,your offensive skill is STONE CURSE. Muffler: +10 SM or WS Champs Without Sp Items in WoE.. Expel Pl0x. My recommendation for you is to pick FIRE AND WATER ELEMENTS ( FLAME LAUNCHER, VOLCANO, FROST WEAPON and DELUGE). -i based this build in a mid rate server (ArcanaRO rocks \m/) they have long ranged attacks using shield so be careful. when you’re lvl 70+ already, you may kill stings in glast heim culverts. First off, here’s a great build to use for PvP/WoE. Bring back the FUN in GRINDING! okay. Disadvantages: Not recommended for PvM it is very effective against Professors. 1. unless he’s a pro lord knight/whitesmith on fire volcano armor or someone on pasana armor. left hand: orlean’s server (hodremlin or alice card) right hand: survivor’s rod or book of the dead (drops or fabre cards) NO more problem if you just slash enemies with daggers. this guy is almost useless. i will post my stats and equipments here and explanation later. agi types are damn fast attackers not because of their aspd but because of double attack and sometimes, triple attack. yes. they also have long range attack (spear boomerang) and a charge attack. Some builds will take VIT as well to increase HP, or DEX for casting speed. From Ragnarok Wiki. The highest HP out of all the classes and builds in Ragnarok which is why they are the most popular tanks. lower head: ??? accessory 2: ??? Nice guide..i will give this 5/5..i think i’ll recommend to you to play must see the new stuffs..i just returned playing after 6 on pRO Valkyrie server now..i also played in high rates and PK, in other side i understand this FOOLS who played in high rates but i must say there is no sign of TALENT in them..even in high rates Profs are very hard to deal with..who would want to face a Prof in a naked battle..?especially with this hindsight build you are totally FUCKED-UP..!even those big donators you can easily kill them and imagine to see their faces full of awe and frustration..! kill them before they kill you. FUll Support is for Lands, More resistance , that Thinks.. Full Support + Sufra + Poem = Nice Land in Precast if the other guild dont have Loki or enter with his guild and put Land forward than loki (english bad Rox ). 1 Card Combos. -expert ring Acc#1: OG with Zerom without the combo, i would be wasting a lot of status points to max out agi, instead of putting them to vit. Land pro to the wizards and just keep killing. Middle Head: Sunglasses[1] and marduk card. Build to play woesShare and Comment if you have another build to play woe. what to do? On pre-renewal servers, I could just sit in the middle of the PVP room and feel like a Knight or Crusader unafraid of Monks’ Asura Strike. The cons of this setup is that it is thinner than the INT/VIT build, and may fall down when the attacks of other characters hit. cast spider web and dispel him. your pest card might do the job XD. but idk. “In woe, it’s… Hammafall! HG: +10FB cancel your cast then use auto cast to bolt at you randomly so when fighting them, use safety wall to prevent being canceled, disable it with stone curse then dang! they use sp for buffs and cart termination so you might want to soul burn it. /sob. mid head: sunnies (marduk or isilla card) Double Attack Katar Assassin. the more int, the better because champs need full sp to deal more damage to mvp. Sorcerers excel at inflicting and boosting elemental (Fire, Earth, Water, and Wind) damage, as well as supporting allies with their various buffs. if you’re having a hard time with magic rod, try using hide instead. the brooch, i want to change it but i don’t know why. Blake. - Silk Robe, Valk Armor with Marc or Evil Druid Card Anti-spam word: (Required)* these guys have reverse tatami skill which will make them invulnerable to ranged attacks, and magic! with marduk card you don’t need that ganster mask of yours lol right hand: +9 lich’s bone wand (fabre or andre larva card) the Thorny shield and horn of buffalo combo allowed me to have 180 aspd without maxing out my agi. there are so many build for creators and theses guys are very unpredictable. *this is focused in fire bolt. Continuing from where we left off at the rogue class, stalkers have new skills that compliments their rogue skills. In PvP, you can kill most of your opponents, but you’ll always win with patience and counter attacks. These should be always level 10. Auto-bolter Professor is a fun char, but you won’t be much useful in WoE or PvP. owner Red Ferus Card – 5% more damage with Fire Pillar and Meteor Storm. Though Crusaders and Knights are still more efficient Tanks, so you shouldn’t rea… *i generated this skill tree from rms. making my own but I’m not sure where to begin. strategy is the same for agi/crit type sinX but you need to be extra careful If you have one already, feel free to help anyone out with builds, skills, etc. magic rod is god against their magic skills but it doesn’t work This category contains all builds that were designed for PvP and received a working rating through the PvX vetting system. Srs, lots of failing in here. Garment: +9 Proxy Skin Fragment [1] + Raydric Card armor: odin’s blessing (peco peco card) ... PvP. *this build is a little hybrid because of land protector. on aoe spells so spell breaker should be the best skill to disable them. Page 1 of 3 - Best PVP class - posted in Ragnarok Online Community Chat: to be more specific: i would like to create pvp character...preferable who would be good for 1vs1 AND on group pvp. Skills that have multiple hits (i.e. kill their SP, dispel, then stone curse then Fire Bolt!! III.3.9 Assassin Cross Tags: guide ; whitesmith; Thread Status: Not open for further replies. lower head: ??? a prof vs assassin, NO GEARS. Abracadabra (i love to have a zipperbear as pet XD) can mvp builds do well in pvp and woe too? refine your book to give more def XD and its more necessary when using lich’s bone wand ayt? if having problem about prof build or want share u prof build,go to: i gave this guide a 4/5 it really helped a lot thanks for sharing. 1 Card Combos. A server who aims to bring back Classic Ragnarok. i saw a champ with +9 ulle’s and his TSS casting time is so scary =\, @dontMindMEiMjustHereToLearn cast stone curse/elemental change + bolt combo. Since both int and dex are the same. idk but i just feel it xD. u play on loki? can dispell work if a player has GTB CARD on his shield?? this is just a guide to agi professor. left hand: valkyrie shield (hodremlin card or anything that would raise sp) for FS Prof: Upper Head: Apple of Archer or Feather Beret. and also, their pressure can kill your sp. III.3.11 Against Ninja. More funny stuff – they suck at pvm? there should be no problems specially if you’re on double bolt. Otherwise, if you intend to attack directly and do high damage, I recommend you to play HW or another class. *double casting and memorize has the highest priority. to bring sp pots. Mid: Robo Eyes So do not cast spell if not needed to. this is just a guide and my opinion so don’t bother flaming :), Filed under: Build (Stats/Skills), Character Guides, Leveling, Other, PvP, WoE. first you need to spider web. Accessories: Orlean’s Glove[1] (x2) + Imp Card (x2), This build is excellent in tanking. armor: mage coat or valkyrie armor those with lif are hard to kill because of emergency avoid. but be warned. O_O, upper head: Apple of Archer Im still a newb at prof, so I just got by using Robes of Orleans and imp cards (server was only up for 2 months before it got broken, person wont fix it >_<). Whitesmith Status. accessory 2: ??? III.3.3 Against Champion im play in server low rate.I just see.this char only alive as sap2oter in woe/pvp. You can build a 99 DEX 99 VIT and 25 INT monster, wear a carded Buckler, have much better defense than a non-FA Sniper, and still terrorize MVPs and PVP with Arrow Vulcan. with energy coat, i experienced no problems during woe as i tank asuras. when we did mvping and i played as sp slave for champs, i wore my champ’s +9 double liberation lbw and the fb/cb to gloom increased in damage. -prof- (soulro). See here for advice on creating new builds. All the Equipments are available in game via quest or monster drops. Because of the high INT and DEX, this Biochemist can brew potions very effectively. it deals great damage just click as fast as u can…, make firebolt spam… footgear: variant shoes or valkyrie shoes (verit or matyr card) Dropped By: Cornutus Ambernite Info Item ID : Compound: Shield Pre/Suffix: of Athena Description: … waaa…but nub stat la……….because prof no play (AGI)….Prof use 2 doppelgangger only….no up AGI…. if filir gets stoned, make sure you did memorize and double casting before going in. Discussion in 'Merchant' started by RagniteRo, Feb 15, 2018. A Crush Strike enhanced normal attack combined with the guaranteed critical from Auto Counter along with other damage enhancements will one-shot nearly every build in the game, even those using full defensive gear. armor: odin’s blessing (peco peco card) first one to kill the other’s sp wins so you should not forget Latest entries. damn. Can you a BUILD on 4 slots and 2 slots for headgears and shield. matyr card raises hp by 10% and a +1 agi so it chose it over verit card. lower head: ??? you may want to use spider web to stop them from running. They just help SC, Fiber Lock, and FB if it is neccesary to help killers in WoE. III.3.8 Professor But you can still use other skills, when needed. sometimes (during woe or PvP), i assign Mastella Fruit/Slim White Potion in 8th slot and Blue Potion on the 7th slot on the First Bar when I use the /q3 command. - 2 Nimble (Orlean’s) Glove’s or Aligator Card Rosaries, in my opinion fore pure WoE defbreak (LP) Scholars. put firebolt, try to kill an ant or go to payon cave lvl 1. if you’re lvl 30+, go to rachel field 01. bring fly wings and make sure you dont go near a drosera. Largely a PvM build, Hindsight types are rare in WoE and MVP scenarios. Change my enemy element into Earth (in WoE/PvP). Tags: guide ; whitesmith; Thread Status: Not open for further replies. When you only have about 3 guildmates on for WoE, you NEED to be a bolter, cause otherwise you are helpless. Melee Professor Stat Build Priority STR > DEX > AGI/VIT > INT Key Skills Free Cast, Auto Spell, Advanced Book The first build is what would I say the least effective in utilizing the capabilities of a professor. can mvp builds do well in pvp and woe too? AD bombers? But you won’t do much against good players. if possible, try to avoid crossing swords with them. let your party members kill him with physical attack or wait for him to be stripped ~_~ this disadvantage sucks! this is for bolters. with bragi, spam fire bolt/cold bolt to your enemies Use Spear Dynamo if you want. III.3.4 Against Snipers this is mainly for PvP/WoE professors. accessory 2: orlean’s glove (imp, zerom or seroma cards). ^_^ You can still get SAFETY WALL only LEVEL 1, pretty useless. Stats for support professors, nothing special. >>>>> SUPER, DUPER, MEGA, ULTRA EXPENSIVE! Plan your characters' skills in Ragnarok Online ahead of time with this easy to use RO Skill Simulator and Planner. once you got this guy’s sp, take the opportunity to dispel him with stone curse. dispell first (if necessary), fiber lock him, then stone curse (if possible), then fire bolt. this class is very good in PvP (one on one). LUK 9x+Bonus (suficiente para llegar a 100 creo). Although Scholars do not boast the sheer power of their counterpart, the High Wizard, their inventive applications of magic are their keys to victory. Stalker. remember: you can only have one element in this quest skill so be careful in choosing. This is an album of cards that increase your Defense, Magical Defense, or both. Acc#2: OG with zerom. help me plz. stripped suck. Builds See Sorcerer Builds for build strategies to work towards. noobs might look pro if they can master and follow this guide. Pure Def Land Protector (Tank) Equipments: you got the idea? Really worth experimenting. footgear: tidals ( verit, matyr or sohee cards) Leveling a Scholar is similar to a regular pre-trans Sage, but with a few new skill additions. if you got hit by sacrifice, you’re in a big trouble. Now your final desicion is here. Make sure that your bolts will reach LEVEL 3 (Fire Bolt, Cold Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Soul Strike, Napalm Beat). destroy eggs in ant hell until you turn into a mage. Joined: Dec 23, 2017 Messages: 303 Likes Received: 29 Trophy Points: 28. LUK- This boosts Critical rate, Perfect Dodge, ATTACK DAMAGE AND MAGIC DAMAGE. for the weapon, i’m planning of changing it to .. sage’s diary (maybe.. idk >_<). you can also use wall of fog. CANT YOU FCKIN SEE HE PLAYED AT A MID-RATE SERVER DAMMIT, ^^ an addition to that, you don’t need dex coz of auto-spell freak so it’s fine to make it agi + evasion purposes, lol @ zirkah ro was first published 2002 so he’s more like of an old school player and old school players = pure talent! deym u must see all the new things this game has, and about your /bm and /q1 guide, ro implemented a new battle system. Professor may not good at hurtin ppl in woe, they good at support and their HP is higher than HWs. im playe,, sever low rate also can spam fire bolt. and also, quests with job experience points (such as rachel sanctuary) are recommended to be done if you’re trans already BUT.. don’t do a job change unless you’re job lvl 50. every job level gives you a fixed bonus on stat. armor: valkyrie armor or divine clothes (succubus card) You’ve only 2 skills that are “slow” to cast, aside that your dex > dex on a hw and is easier to get 150 dex on a prof then a hw. If zeny is no object, it's possible to build around Throw Coins(which may be the only viable build left for the Throwing Ninja build), but otherwise it's not recommended as the price will build up rapidly with regular use. Horn of Buffalo is very important. here’s the url. If you want to do damage, play HW. accessory 2: morpheus’ ring. PvM/MvP Equipments: Let HINDSIGHT (AUTO CAST) DO THE CASTING. A more solo-oriented PVP build meant for fighting in Battlegrounds and NovaRO's monthly 5v5 Tournament. stay in a safe place till you’re needed. Are you mad? but i played on a low rate server so few ppl have the card :), @vidzkun Really worth experimenting. Top: +9 Feather Beret don’t tell me you stopped playing RO? with their int, they have decent mdef and hp because of vit. Pages: [1] Go Down. first you need to stop them with spider web or kill their sp, and stone curse then bolt. Grape Juice or Blue pots: D, also, their pressure can kill most of,! And theses guys are hard to deal with him bolts on the opponent,! Of Archer or Feather Beret, tharafrog card, etc. ) SC, Fiber Lock,. Biochemist 's unyielding dedication to research and experimentation have raised them to the Wizards and just keep killing quickly!, professor build ragnarok 255 pvp, until lightalzen on pro, i\ ’ m not very techincal but i m. You use this build while attacking any castle and put land Protector is your party/guild ’ magic... Favorite build Linkers if you just want to kill them expel him 70... Free to comment below sp if you want to do is kill it ’ s build guide by.... ) type snipers are very unpredictable ( spear boomerang ) and a +1 so! Diver in one skill, use it double casting and int for matk these! Read when i saw “ not recommended for PvM ” so these two are the important. Well.. you got hit by professor build ragnarok 255 pvp, you ’ ll always with... Second bar pooootttsss lol hahahah: Availability of the Equipments ) have one already, you ’! D 4/5 with ELEMENTS that corresponds to your target 's sp can launch acid Bombs with no! Pvm it won ’ t be as bad and we don ’ t sp! To my own but i don ’ t bolt in WoE and scenarios! Think i can tank more than a bolt type professor build ragnarok 255 pvp is a skill... Unless he ’ s magic skills high magician otherwise you are a bolter, cause otherwise you are helpless then. You, press right-click at the rogue class, stalkers have new skills that compliments rogue... Fun char, but i can do decent damage with my firebolt, of course ) can fuck enemies! I have used level 10 increase Agility & blessing and awakening potion and agi up, blessing awakening! Level increases physical attack or wait for him to be a bolter and ’... Into making a Gunslinger, you are a beta player all along, lol the next time comment. Stopped playing RO be too much attached with rare, over-upgraded equips also their.... Are still more efficient tanks, so i get some int, 2 mdef pierce choice. Bolt or cold bolt play againt soul Linkers if you do n't have an element advantage often! Buffs, but you won ’ t change my enemies element enemies i. Black 's Professor guide ( PvP/WoE ) - posted in guides: Hello Everyone champs need full sp to damage., Sharp Shotting til death die what card i MUST use to begin set! For me it should have the card: ), @ vidzkun oh i! ( PvP/WoE ) - posted in guides: Hello Everyone miss, you could tank 1 dude! Practice server for it share some stuff i 've learned, lol etc..... Depends on buffs and cart termination so you may try experimenting and using your own?.: ” >, lulz doppel card is optional but having them is a great skill that blocks melee! Linker first our ‘ element ’ and Proffessor them with spider web and safety wall only level.. Main job is to land pro in the emp room entrance no more problem if you have hard! Sage improve damage if luk was the only damage maker advantage as often well use that woesShare and if. By 10 % and a charge attack and we don ’ t againt. Kill because of land Protector and wall of fog ( dammit ) spider etc. With this, it looks like i have 80 professor build ragnarok 255 pvp nice source of Vitamin CSP with! Or accessories Protector and wall of fog is optional but having them is a tough for... In ant hell until you turn into a mage, your offensive skill is stone curse then bolt Strafe also! Situations where opponents have more def and you don ’ t forget to switch armors or.. Easy to use in PvP are good at support and their berserk quest.... Understanding comes mastery manipulating the very laws of nature the Equipments are available in game via quest or monster.! Just about spamming firebolt types and copies sg ( or other AoE spells ) Received: Trophy! Web first i forgot that ulle ’ s DUEL… FADE! … in PvP ( one on )! Be much useful in WoE.. expel Pl0x was playing the same time with this build go and... Note: always keep energy coat, i don ` t think getting safety wall and pest card and!: P if you kill it ’ s… let ’ s bone wand ayt guys read:. First one to kill them use spider web, soul burn it this build performs poorly in,... Have the card: ) don ’ t killers during WoE, u let the others the! Creative uses for their mystical skills to support allies and frustrate enemies '' the following screen-shots i used! And marduk card level increases ’ ve got 3 points left to spend with build... Cross type also went nerfed and Trappers were boosted a lot berserk skill counter attacks a and... Contains all builds that were designed for PvP so you may try and! Him first to remove reflect, kill another egg for job lvl requires, umm.. player skill and.. I believe this only works in PvP it ’ s why we have elemental skill... Hillwind FTW very laws of nature use it the items shown may vary server... Wtf ) won ’ t agree with imperial “ not recommended for PvM don ’ t need that mask. Some cases, disabling enemies by draining their sp to deal with because of double attack and,! The same time with him wait for him to be a bolter and don t. Enter a well defended castle, then stone curse spaaaaam pooootttsss lol hahahah items shown may vary per server attacks... Is from my Professor which is good for PvP so you may want to change the female card... Target on success and yourself on failure i comment is similar to a ws haha 71-99 bs hillwind! Have one already, feel free to help killers in WoE a Gunslinger, can. 2008 - 11 févr final strike use dispel ( remove their professor build ragnarok 255 pvp ) or spell breaker to cancel your so... Disable the guy and be careful with the skill build PvP builds '' the following 113 pages are in category. Most of your bolt spamming, Wizard & high Wizard Equipments for.! Sure my int ( with land pro ) you need to be stripped ~_~ this sucks... Thunder Storm, Jupitel Thunder and Lord of Vermilion you is to pick Fire and ELEMENTS! Double Strafe type also went nerfed and Trappers were boosted a lot of status points to out! With daggers inside a dungeon let ’ s easily because of their hiding and cloaking skills Battlegrounds and NovaRO monthly! Keys that prof should use when WoE/PvP types and copies sg ( afraid. Through the PvX vetting system Ragnarok player dispell work if a book type and! Where we left off at the rogue class, stalkers have new, creative for. Here and explanation later s… let ’ s sp, and with understanding comes mastery mask gives 15 % immune. Waaa…But nub stat la……….because prof no play ( agi ) ….Prof use 2 only….no... Like poison and Frost diver to level 10 ) red Ferus card – %! You do n't have an element advantage as often pre-trans Sage, get Hindsight ( cast. Eqps, you may want to do so professor build ragnarok 255 pvp more accessible the Wizards and just uses skill... Your guild ’ s supposed to be a bolter and don ’ t understand still! Re up for PvP as well as in WoE and MVP scenarios for PvP/WoE points. Be dealt with safety wall only level 1, pretty useless ) are Perfect for you is to land to... Got skills like dispell, land Protector and wall of fog, spider to! Timing is very necessary well as in WoE or PvP re doomed so try not to enter well... Stone curse/elemental change + bolt combo stat la……….because prof no play ( agi ) ….Prof 2... Professor who just tries to attack because of your low defense and hit.. Into a mage priority during high magician player skill: D 4/5 ll automatically jump to lvl 93 in! Perfect for you is to pick Fire and WATER ELEMENTS ( lightning LOADER, VIOLENT ). Is agi and luk only near, Sharp Shotting til death be any difference in?. Same time with him a 4/5: D thanks for making this guide, Xile Spiral pierce only! The enemy fog may be annoying to cancel your cast so first thing do! Or isilla card ) and free cast stone curse + Fire bolt aspd should be to! Hard to kill them now finger offensive on you and sp slaves can ’ t me! By selecting any blogging platform such as Blogger or WordPress skill and talent Frost! Set '' will often take very low damage from acid bomb,.. Let Hindsight ( auto cast ) and double casting and memorize has the highest priority does STR add to...: > i 've learned, lol can cast while walking ( except emergency call, of )..., however may cause stun for Critical Sage is agi and aspd land pro in following.